It’s very common to fall victim to Fund Recovery Scams. These scams usually don’t have the same information about their clients as the real ones, so it’s important to be very cautious. Even if they claim to have the information you need, they’re not genuine. Rather, they may be a fake company. But don’t be too alarmed if you get one of these offers. There are ways to protect yourself.

The first sign that a fund recovery scam is occurring is when an unsolicited company contacts you. They’ll ask for a fee up front, and once you pay, they’ll get to work. That’s standard, and most people don’t bat an eyelid. However, the scammers are quick to take advantage of flaring greed and disappear with their money. It’s a good idea to be cautious and do your due diligence before you send them any money.

If you have lost money and are worried that you won’t be able to recover it, fund recovery scammers will use their own scam brokers to gather names of victims. These brokers will make cold calls and ask for your money, then sell them on to fund recovery scammers. These scammers will promise to recover all your money and even ask for money in cryptocurrency, wire transfers, and checks with more money. If you fall victim to such a scam, you should immediately stop cooperating with the company and find a new one.